fun stuff also perpetual work in progress as i find more fun stuff worth mentioning. check back later for more fun stuff!

cool sites

castle cyberskull, a retro site that i just think looks sick

99GIF shop, a cool place to find graphics

imood, a cool little mood updater for your site!

checkbox olympics, a game where you try to click checkboxes fast

yout, a popup-free youtube to mp3/mp4 service

wordart, a microsoft word text generator

monster breeder, a browser game by neil cicierega where you breed
and sell specialty monsters. it's pretty entertaining

my other sites

frank's tip jar, webcomic about a kid whose life depends on tips at a shitty parody style pizza place.
randy's mail, work in progress, started april 2022, don't know if it'll go anywhere really.

this page is a work in progress

pepsi is better than coke.