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"WOAH!! THIS PLACE IS SO COOL!!! I SHOULD STAY AWHILE..." you think to yourself as you idly surf through the pages of this site.

this is my great homepage! as well a learning exercise on how to make a neocities site because who in their right mind would want to have something as boring to make as a carrd these days, right??? anyway, here you can find many things like information about me, information about my commissions, a guestbook, a blog type thing, media reviews, and other fun stuff like graphics i found that i would like to share, or other cool sites i think you should check out!

this site is meant to be viewed on desktop, and is kind of broken on mobile.

this site will also include cool stuff about ghosts and the paranormal and witchcraft and whatever other insane pseudoscience i'm currently into when it's finished!!!!

and here my good friend is a link to my tumblr page (if you need it) for use, even if you came from there. its ok, its easy to get lost in the vast sea of websites online!

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if you'd like to support a teenage artist... :) id really appreciate it!

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all graphics that do not belong to me shown on this site belong to their respective owners, and i in no way claim ownership over them.
sorry if the music autoplay is broken, i really am, because it improves the surfing experience by tenfold also i paid 5 dollars for neocities premium just for that.
music on this page, fun stuff, character info, and the paranormal pages belongs to griffin mcelroy. you can visit his bandcamp here.
music on the reviews page belongs to 'violet' on youtube, you can find their page here.

i give you this, but just know that this website is supposed to be an experience. click through it naturally.

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