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*PINNED* 12/28/2022: ENTRY 0

Huzzah! I have reset the webjournal for the new year! Huzzah! Anyway, critical info: the latest entry will always be at the top of the page, and older entries will be descending.

p.s., am still thinking of making a capitalistboyfriend site button.

5/17/2023: Entry #4

Just recently, a band I liked disbanded... scraped all their music off the internet (and thus I'll never hear a different song of theirs that was a favorite song of mine again, which fills me with a strange grief. Last night in a state of desperation akin to when I want to buy a one-of-a-kind item that could sell out at any moment, I scrambled to find any trace of it that I could. Because of this, I do have a short clip of it from an Apple Music link that glitched and let me listen to a preview of the deleted song. I am very happy about that. Maybe I can recreate it one day... I wrote down the lyrics, once, and I have enough of the song to remember how it goes in it's entirety because it's rather simple), and the lead singer formed a new band... and covered his own song. The new one is better, honestly, but I like both versions.
You know, I messaged him asking for some of his songs and he happily agreed-- and after a month of not getting a response, I messaged again. Then he deleted his account and wiped any further traces of the old band away as well. Oh, well. I do understand it probably came off as very weird, and mildly stalkerish, but it only took one search to find the account in the first place... and it's not like I'm crazy about their music, it was admittedly bad and out of tune with hasty, messy sounding lyrics that at times made no sense because they were simply rhyming to rhyme. But I really enjoyed it nonetheless. I have an affinity for unpolished and out of key sounding music.

3/3/2023: Entry #3 **edited

I wrote a big monologue about how I hate my life, but this is probably better:
It's my birthday in four days! I will be the big and little One-Seven. The last year of being a teenager. I am filled with conflicting feelings about this such holiday (titled Ran-Day for those not "in the know").
Horrible! Great! Everything all the time and never! Missed opportunities! New opportunities! Fear! Tranquility! I am truly black and white simultaneously but never gray.
XIII, for there to be new life there must first be death to make space in the waking world. I hate that sentiment some times and find peace in it others.

Here's to whatever time I'm blessed to have left. Cheers.
P.S. lots of threes today

2/22/2023: Entry #2

How do you like my desktop theme?

I've had the Chicago95 theme loaded for a while (which was a little broken because it's for XFCE and not Cinnamon and there was some thing that didn't work can't remember don't care i liked it just fine) but I wanted something more lighthearted.
I had to install a new splash screen (if you don't know, that's what the little graphic that shows while your computer is loading up is called) but other than that I've had the theme sitting around on my laptop since I got it. Downloading an XP theme was like, the second thing I did after getting it.
Anyway, I love it. It's neat. And if anyone wants to know the theme I used, I'm sorry, I don't know. I downloaded it months ago. I can send you the files, I guess. Let me know. DM me on Tumblr, or something.

UPDATE: I've figured out how to change the menu button. sweet.

1/16/2023: Entry #1

boy howdy the ethersea soundtrack is out expect site updates with new bg music

More probably coming soon eventually.